Between Da Two(2)

Unity in The Community

Mission Statement:

Creating plausible opportunity for person(s), who face barriers, and limited prominent life skills for today’s economic well-being and self-sufficiency.

Between Da 2, offers an array of services through its various practice areas. Our primary focus is the instructions and application of Prevention to Incarceration, by and through this we can inform and assist the orchestration of individual success following barriers or the prevention of having to deal with barriers.     

1. Education: (Being informative in today’s society and providing hands-on education to ensure individual growth,)

2. Workforce ready: (Identifying and addressing areas of improvement to increase employment opportunity, 

3. Occupational health: (Addressing the needs both professional and personal of all individual in and out the office), 

4. Economic Development: (Monitoring and following through with our commitment to all in economic growth and development.)

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