Take advantage of every opportunity; where there is none, make it for yourself. (Marcus Garvey) 

Marcus Garvey." 

Unity in The Community

Between Da 2, Inc. is calling on the community at large to donate clothes and funds of monetary value to our organization in assistance of our plight to provide clothes in and throughout the city of New York. Individuals participants associated with our program will distribute the items as needed to persons in need as such experience will exemplify character and the willingness to observe and help others less fortunate than themselves. The money will be use to schedule a trip for the participants and others in the community to a farm Upstate in the kinder hook N.Y. area, that will afford such individuals as intense class on construction and industrial machinery operation as a vocational training course with certification. These trips will be continuing for a minimum duration of a 6 month period which will enable participants the skills needed to advance their employ-ability in the construction and industrial fields with higher pay.